Unlocking Economic Competitiveness: Partner with Us

Elevate Your Brand. Fuel Economic Growth.

The American Economic Competitiveness Project actively engages with the nation’s economic discourse, addressing pivotal legislation such as the Inflation Reduction Act, CHIPS and Science Act, and Bipartisan Infrastructure Act.

As a catalyst for progress, we drive change by facilitating discussions, raising awareness about key legislation, and fostering stakeholder engagement. Engaging with the current Administration through a series of conversations, our commitment remains steadfast in enhancing the U.S. economic landscape.

Our Vision in Action

With your invaluable support, the American Economic Competitiveness Project will curate tailor-made events that resonate with your interests and objectives. These events encompass:

  • Roundtable Discussions: An exclusive forum for thought leaders and decision-makers to exchange ideas and strategies on pertinent economic issues.
  • Panel Debates: Engage in dynamic dialogues led by experts, addressing topics that influence the economic landscape.
  • Multi-City Event Series: Our nationwide reach ensures that your impact transcends geographic boundaries, with a focus on critical subjects like energy, technology, economy, education, and social policy.

Diverse Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Issue-Specific Sponsorship: Underwrite discussions and initiatives centered around specific economic challenges or opportunities.
  • Overall Support: Make a lasting impact by providing comprehensive support to the American Economic Competitiveness Project, enabling us to continue driving change.

For more details or to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact info@americanecproject.com.