Jason is a nationally recognized, prescient strategist who can start, stop, change and shape conversations between the private sector and Government.

Among the most innovative, respected thought leaders in public affairs, Jason has transformed organizations through his deep experience driving communications strategies in the areas of finance, capital markets, and technology, with a focus on sustainable investing, corporate governance, and diversity.

Throughout his career, Jason has led complex teams in high-profile settings, working with executives, experts, senior government officials and other key stakeholders to build multi-million-dollar earned media campaigns that influence business and public policy conversations in Washington, D.C., London, Brussels and other economic centers throughout the world.

As an Executive Vice President at Resolute Public Affairs, Jason provides his unique skills of developing original “content eco-systems” and leveraging his long-standing relationships in media, government, business and academia to bring about real results for clients. A multi-disciplinary thinker, his industry-leading work in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) has created a sea change in how organizations bridge financial, corporate and public policy preparedness.

Prior to Resolute, Jason was the Managing Director of the Progressive Policy Institute’s (PPI) Financial Services, ESG and Capital Markets research. PPI is a catalyst for policy innovation and political reform based in Washington, D.C. Its mission is to create radically pragmatic ideas for moving America beyond ideological and partisan deadlock. He continues to lead The Mosaic Economic Project, an effort he founded to elevate the voices of diverse women who are experts in economics and technology with the media and policymakers.

Prior to PPI, he was an executive at S&P Global and a member of the senior leadership team, where he ran thought leadership, and managed a data focused, multi-discipline, international research portfolio supporting the CEO and Chief Economist, among other C-suite executives. His efforts on pro-growth, economic policies in financial markets had tremendous impact for S&P Global and resulted in groundbreaking campaigns that positioned the global brand as an innovative and sought after thought leader.

Jason was an adjunct professor for Georgetown University’s graduate program, where he taught “Capitol Hill and Capital Markets”. He is a frequent industry speaker and was until recently an opinion columnist to US News and World Report. He continues to be quoted on economic and markets policy issues in a number of national publications including Forbes, Bloomberg News, Politico, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC among others.